Peter Pan tucked into a nice roller at Point Judith on the Bic Sport 11'4" ACS Peter Pan Stand-Up Paddleboard model. Photo by Joe McG0vern

About Us

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. We offer personalized, private surfing instruction all year long.

We have been in operation

continually since 1978 and

our school is the only fully

accredited NSSIA program

in the northeast that is

open 7 days a week all

year long.

Our school offers only the finest surfboards and wetsuits for our lessons, in every size for children, women, and men. We offer a full range of hard, soft, epoxy and fiberglass surfboards. We teach

our students with the best in quality full and shorty wetsuits.

Head instructor Miguel Botelho escorts South Kingstown Group Surf Lesson participants out to the lineup at Matunuck Point, during one of our four day sessions. Photo by Joe McGovern

Lesson Rates

Our lesson rate is SIMPLE. A single, private lesson which includes a full wetsuit, surfboard, and instruction for 1 hour (water time) is $60.00. We would need you to reserve your lesson at least one day in advance. All lessons take place a the Narragansett Town Beach unless conditions are better at another break.

Your name, height, weight, and foot size, and contact information is required to prepare properly for a successful lesson.

For groups of 2-10, the rate drops to$50.00 per person, and two instructors will be used for 6 or more students. For larger groups of 18-40 students, the rate drops to $45.00 per person.

For a special rate of only $10.00, you can keep your equipment for the rest of the day.

Please note that due to the equipment and labor, winter surfing lessons are more money. We now charge $75.00 for a private surfing lesson that requires full winter gear. For groups of 2-10, the rate is $60.00 and for larger groups it is$50.00.

Students meet at the Narragansett Surf Shop to get changed, which is much more comfortable than attempting to do it at the beach. While winter surfing is awesome, and we go out all the time, it takes a lot more effort for us to teach you.

Rental Rates

Single and group surfboard and wetsuit rentals are available all year long. We drop off and pick up larger groups for no extra charge. Small rental groups and single rentals can be picked up at the Narragansett Surf Shop. A combined rental including a surfboard, leash, and full wetsuit (boot, gloves, etc. if needed) is $50.00 for the day. Either a surfboard or wetsuit that is rented separately is $30.00 for the day. Half-day rentals are the same price as full day rentals. In winter months, we require a $25.00 deposit in advance to have a suit ready at the surf shop the next day. In the winter, a full suit set up rental is $40.00.

Peter Pan going over beach dry lesson details to beginners at the annual Rhode Island Bic Sport "Learn to Surf" clinic at the Narragansett Town Beach. Photo by Joe McGovern.

Peter Pan sets up for an inside section during the First Annual New England Standup Paddleboard Championships, held on July 4th, 2009 at the Narragansett Town Beach. Pan finished first in both the Senior Men's Pro Am paddle race and surfing competition. Photo by Joe McGovern.

We also offer a Surfing Crash Course that involves two days of solid surfing in both beach and reef breaks. $200.00 includes two two hour sessions with long and short boards. Fee includes surfboard, wetsuit and lessons. Student can keep equipment for duration of course.

Peter Pan sliding across a Pt. Judith wave on the Bic Sport 11'4" Peter Pan ACS stand-up paddle board. 

Please Note that....

There is no problem if you decide to cancel or postpone. We would just appreciate it if you let us know a day in advance.

It is recommended that students be in good physical condition before they take on a surfing class. Surfing is a very difficult sport that requires lots of cardio power, flexibility, and good upper body strength.

South Kingstown Surfing Group Lesson participant prepares to take a wave off of Mary's Bar, during a session in our August camp. Photo by Joe McGovern.

Our Summer

2021 Surf, SUP

And Skimboard

Surfing Camp Series

Matunuck Point

South Kingstown

Group Camp Series 

Our surfing school and the Town of South Kingstown Recreation Department has been operating a highly successful

four-day surfing camp series at the world famous Matunuck Point reef break for eleven consecutive summers.

This summer we are offering the sessions for eight consecutive weeks. Surfers are dropped off at the Town of South Kingstown Town Beach between 9:30 AM and 10:00 AM and picked up between 2:30 PM and 3 PM. Each surfer is supplied with a clean and fitted wetsuit, and a surfboard for their ability level and size. There is a professional ESA qualified surf instructor for every 5-6 participant.

Surfers are instructed in water safety, paddling, and are in the water surfing all day...every day. On the last day of the surfing sessions, a fun contest takes place, and trophies are awarded to the top finishers.

Adults, Teens, Tweens, etc.

We take campers as young as 6.5 years of age, as long as they are NOT AFRAID of the water. Campers are grouped by ages, with the older campers surfing in their own groups!

We can snail mail or email camp forms to you anytime!  Do it today.

This 2021 summer's dates are as follows: June 21-24, June 28-July 1,July 5-8, July 12-15, July 19-22, July 26-29, August 2-5, August 9-12, and August 16-19 . Surfers must sign up in advance. Class limit is 30 per session. Fee is $295.00. Surfers can be signed up by either contacting the Peter Pan Surf Academy or by contacting the Town of South Kingstown Recreation Department at 401-789-9301. We will send you out an application form immediately.

Campers take lunch break at Matunuck Point, during a 2011 camp session. Photo by camp counselor and instructor Medelise Reifreck.

Back by Popular Demand!

South Kingstown Beach Skimboard Camp -

Two Sessions!

This summer we will run three four-day skim boarding group camp sessions on July 5-8,  August 2-5, and August 23-26  with top East Coast skimboard champion Drew Plourde of South Kingstown. He will be teaching skimmers how to get totally radical in the crazy shore break of the Town of South Kingstown town beach. Skim boarders will be supplied with clean wetsuits and top quality "foamie" skimboards to ride. Format will be similar to the surfing sessions. Same fees and sign up requirements. For more information, call or email us anytime.  

Personalized surf instruction at all of our camps! Here is camp instructor Mary Walton helping out two surfers in the lineup at Matunuck Point.

Photo by Joe McGovern 



Surf Camps

Our popular surf camp resumes operations this summer at the town beach. We will be happy to send you out a camp application anytime. Camp runs at the surfing end of the Narragansett Town Beach in perfect learning conditions.

Narragansett Surf Camps runs on June 28-July 1, July 5-8, July 12-15, July 19-22, July 26-29, August 2-5, August 9-12, August 16-19, and August 23-26 ,2021.

Camper drop off will be at the South Beach Pavilion entrance at the Narragansett Town Beach. Camper pick up will be at the same location. Campers will then meet at our surf camp truck, which will be located in the parking lot at that end of the beach to collect their gear.

Our Narragansett camp takes campers as young as 6.5 years old, as long as they are not afraid of the water.  We try to place campers in their own age group categories, unless they request to be with friends in their own groups.

Surfers will be supplied with clean wetsuits and surfboards for the four day sessions. Camp fee for the week is $375.00. We will be happy to snail mail or email  you out a camp application form, 

Peter Pan at Hurricane Danielle ESA contest at Second Beach, Middletown, R.I. Photo by Joe McGovern 

Paddlers on a leisurely stroll up the river working on those tans and muscle groups. Photo by Joe McGovern

Group racing up the Narrow River during a session. Super cardio burn!

Photo by Narrow River Kayak 

Contact us directly by email at [email protected], or by

phone at 401.575.0003 anytime.

Location and

Base of Operations:

Narragansett Surf and Skate

74 Narragansett Avenue

Narragansett , Rhode Island 02882

Phone: 401-789-7890

24 hour Surf Line: 401-789-1954


Hours of operation: Anytime you want a lesson or rental...we are ready to go! It is your call! Rain or snow....we go out and you should too!

Peter Pan eyes an up and coming section on a 9'4" Super Magnum by Bic Sport, at K-38 in Point Judith, Rhode Island.

Photo by Joe McGovern